Eco Vessel Accessories to enhance your water bottle

Get more out of your water bottle or mug with Eco Vessel accessories! You can now purchase interchangeable lids for your Eco Vessel stainless steel bottles, plastic bottles or other products from our range. Mix and match your water bottles with alternative lid designs.

For instance, if you purchased a stainless steel Boulder bottle, you can accessorise it with a flip straw lid—normally featured on the Tritan plastic range. If you acquired a Tritan or Summit bottle, meanwhile, you could trade out your flip straw lid with a Boulder screw cap lid.

As with other Eco Vessel products, most Eco Vessel accessories come in a range of different colours. This way, you can find the right coloured lid to match your existing water bottle. You can also purchase additional screw cap or flip straw lids for your current water bottles if you would like to have more than one on hand just in case. Interchangeable lids are available for Surf and Surf Sports Glass Bottles as well.

The individual product pages for all of our interchangeable lids will provide information about which water bottle designs they are compatible with. If you have any questions about compatibility or need help finding the right replacement or accessory lid for your water bottle, feel free to call Eco Vessel on 07 3376 7630.

Our list of Eco Vessel accessories also includes tea and fruit infusers to go along with your Eco Vessel water bottles.

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