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Help Protect the Environment When You Drink from Glass Water Bottles

Every day, millions of people around the world drink from — and then throw away — disposable plastic water bottles. Not only does this create an immense strain on the environment, but it is a large waste of resources as well. While recycling does help to alleviate some of this waste, the better choice is to avoid drinking from disposable bottles altogether. Glass bottles not only offer an eco-friendlier way to hydrate, but you can enjoy the fresh, clean taste of drinking from a glass that you just won't find with single-use plastic.

Eco Vessel's glass water bottles feature a design built from the ground up around portability and usability. From a basic loop top, to a flip top with an internal straw, it's easy to grab a sip in between your daily activities. All of Eco Vessel's glass bottles additionally come equipped with a silicone sleeve and a Drop Shield Base. This sleeve, available in five different colours, along with the Drop Shield Base helps in preventing breakage should you accidentally drop your bottle - in fact you can drop this glass bottle from a height of 4 foot onto concrete without it breaking. Combined with the fact that they're a breeze to clean by being dishwasher safe, you have the ultimate in glass water bottles at your disposal.

When it's so easy and simple to switch from buying disposable water bottles, and with the fresh taste of drinking straight from the glass, why not make the change? Eco Vessel has a bottle that's perfect for every lifestyle. Pick the style that you love and enjoy hydrating and helping the environment at the same time!

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