Kids & Babies

At Eco Vessel, we understand how important hydration is for kids.

According to the New South Wales government, kids from five to eight years of age are supposed to consume five glasses (or one litre) of water each day. For nine to 12-year-olds, the recommended daily amount of fluids is seven glasses of water or roughly 1.5 litres. For kids over the age of 13, the recommended intake is eight to 10 glasses (or approximately two litres). For kids who are especially active, the recommended levels may be even higher.

Because hydration is so important for children, it's essential to have water on hand or available nearby on a consistent basis. This necessity is the reason that Eco Vessel manufactures and sells the best and highest quality kids water bottles on the market. For those school or play hours when your children aren't able to have a traditional 'glass' of water, one of our water bottles will fit the bill nicely.

For younger children, we offer a stainless steel sippy cup with a Nuk spout. For older children, our Scout and Frost stainless steel water bottles are ideal. Regardless of which product you choose, you can rely on our kid's water bottles to keep your child's drink fresh, cold and refreshing all day long. Plus, since all of our kid's water bottles come in fun colours and designs, you will be able to find a water bottle that your son or daughter will love.

Eco Vessel also stocks snack cups for your kids, as you will see from browsing our selection below.

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